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THE LAND OF THE MOON- Villa La Cartiera (17)

Villa La Cartiera is an elegant Mansion dating back to the early 19th century. It reflects a neoclassical style with frescoed ceilings and fine furnishings still present and perfectly preserved, offering authentic atmospheres of times gone by. The interior space accommodates up to 9 people with 2 double rooms, 2 twin rooms and 3 single rooms. In the living area there are 2 lounges, 2 dining rooms and kitchen. The outside includes a spacious park with secular trees, a natural pool and bbq area.

The main entrance to the villa is on the first floor and is accessed by a stone staircase that leads from the park to the large terrace of approximately 150 sqm under which is the beautiful portico with vaulted ceilings overlooked by three of the access doors to the cellars and the newly built bathrooms. The entrance opens onto two living rooms and a double studio plus a third living room; these rooms directly overlook the large terrace, which has just been restored.


On the first floor there is a bathroom and the stone staircase leading to the upper floor of the sleeping area.
Additionally there is a dining room with marble fireplace, a large double bedroom with en-suite bathroom with terrace overlooking the countryside, with terracotta floor and chestnut-beamed pergola and finally the large and very bright kitchen of about 40 sqm and a storage room. The second and prestigious dining room, measuring over 50 sqm and has got a fireplace and frescoes on the vaulted ceilings. It overlooks the terrace facing the river and the valley,



The 2nd floor: the sleeping area: this area is accessed by a stone staircase leading to two of the four living rooms, together with the bedrooms and bathrooms: there are three single rooms, one twin and one double, arranged around the perimeter of the villa and all with a beautiful view of the garden on one side and the valley and river on the other side at the rear. The rooms are accessed from four lounge-antechambers: the largest is dedicated to the library and music, with a perfectly functioning 1880s wall piano, two others with a fireplace. 

The park is characterised by several hundred-year-old trees, including two monumental trees, the Yew Tree (Taxus baccata) and the Pecan Walnut (Carya illinoinensis), as well as other specimens such as the Deoadara Cedar and the Atlantic Cedar, and by perennials and annuals whose blooms follow one another during the summer season in a veritable wave of colours.
It is populated by various species of animals, including herons, which often nest in the tops of the cedars, woodpeckers, tits and squirrels, which are easy to see jumping over the trees. Thanks to their presence and the balance of the different spaces and levels of the park, it is possible to relive magical and authentic atmospheres, a true journey through time.

The pool is fed by the crystal-clear water of the river adjacent to the villa, which flows through it continuously, offering

refreshment on hot summer days.

The property is completely fenced and private.

A gardener is always on hand and a cleaning lady is available on request

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