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Marta was born in Como in 1980 where she lives and studies for her first 20 years. Since her childhood, she spends her summer holidays to her grandmother in Lunigiana, whre year after year, she leaves a piece of her heart.

After the high school, she takes the brave decision to come back to her origin building her future in Lunigiana "the land of the moon"

She follows many training courses and works locally and abroad, becoming flight attendant first in Barcellona and then in London for few years. 

In 2010 she comes back to to  Lunigiana to continue her passion for turism and different cultres founding the Company The Land of the Moon. 

She is specialized in property management and thanks to her  great commitment and her stubbornness, in 2019 she manages to enlarge the Company  becoming The Land of the Moon srl. Marta has two adored children, Nicholas and Isabeau with whom she shares a passion for travel, animals and music, four cats and a dog.

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