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Often called “The Land of the Moon” or “Land of Hundred Castles",  Lunigiana is a quiet corner of Tuscany where traditions are strong, hospitality generous and the peace of life relaxed. Defined by the Apennine mountain range to the east the world famous Carrara marble Apuane mountains to the south and the Liguria Riviera to the west. All the seasons of Lunigiana have their own special character.


During Spring the hillsides overflow with wild flowers, trees awaken in blossom and fields blaze with poppies.

During Summer the temperature rise offering a superb climate that remains comfortable where the cool air from the mountains and the warm fresh air from the sea meet. The season also hosts many medieval events where village streets are lit by candle light to enhance the atmosphere of live performances, street entertainers dress in costume and cantinas open selling local handicrafts.

In the Autumn there is important ritual of the chestnut harvest, together with the hunt for Porcini- the most highly prozed variety of Italian mushroom. Against the soft autumn light the hillsides turn from green to the most amazing colours of auber-gine and amber.

In Winter whilst it would be difficult to sunbathe, the sun still shines and the skies are often blue despite the dip in temperature and with the winter comes skiing.

Wherever you look in Lunigiana, magic outlines of castles and fortified villages can be seen. Paths lead through narrow village streets with stone houses rendered beautiful with simplicity.


Each village has its own unique character and sounds. The bells of the cattle in the nearby meadow, the shout of the bread man arriving, the ladies catching up on the local gossip and of course the chime of the bell tower. People live in complete harmony where the simple things are important, content in the quiet knowledge that life is good here!

The word Tuscany conjures images of olive groves and vineyards, fine food and wine, romantic farmhouses lined with cypress trees and of course the sun set over Florence. Tourists are drawn every year by these beautiful images they see in glossy magazines, travel guides and through film and tv.


Lunigiana offers a truly unspoilt part of Tuscany and an inspiring destination for travelers.  

If you have a passion for Italy, and a desire to explore the less beaten tracks, then Lunigiana will not fail to impress.



The only real way to appreciate all that Lunigiana has to offer is to see it with your own eyes. 

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